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IMPERFECT Love, Blood & Fury (Book One) Previous Case Cover Full Colour Hardback with Jacket

IMPERFECT Love, Blood & Fury (Book One) Previous Case Cover Full Colour Hardback with Jacket

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IMPERFECT | Love, Blood & Fury (Book One) Full Colour Hardback with Jacket

Discounted copy, has very slight damage or printing imperfections, but this is very minor. All copies vary. Some imperfections include: minor cropping during production, slight ink issues, very minor shipping damage.

Please note: These copies feature the old case cover - a mirror of the cover art printed on the hard cover under the dust jacket. They are not the revised copies with the purple and gold design under the jacket.

*By purchasing an imperfect copy, you agree to recieving a copy of the book which will have slight imperfections. No returns will be granted on these copies.

First print run hardback. Beautifully wrapped in a colour dust jacket, along with the cover art printed into the book beneath. Features full colour interior with illustrations by Melissa J. Kincaid & Kalynne_Art. This is now limited edition until sold out.


A Fury should never love.
A Fury should never feel emotion.
A Fury should never question fate.

Ariiaya Trillia is a Fury, a Fae assassin working for the Three Fates to end the lives of those chosen by the magical Tapestry of Life.

Sent to the impenetrable castle of Viridya, she is set with the assignment to assassinate Lorch Kruel, the young King of Fythnar.

Arii is taken into the King's guard as a recruit and quickly realizes that this assignment is going to be harder than she expected. The King is shadowed closely by a mysterious, hooded male bodyguard who radiates power and displays a prowess for combat that matches her own.

To the North, a darkness is manifesting and powerful magic unseen in over two hundred years awakens, threatening the future of the entire land.

Arii soon finds her heart threatening to crack in two as emotions unfamiliar to her flood forth, and she is faced with a choice she never thought an assassin would have to make.

Fulfil her duty to kill the King or fight against fate to save the entire kingdom.

A dark, thrilling fantasy debut filled with magic, sizzling romance and unforgettable characters that will leave you breathless and wanting more.



Format: Hardback Case Laminate with Sleeve (Full Colour Interior)
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 in
Finish: Matte
ISBN (Paperback): 9780645054828


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Rebecca Pratt
Goodreads Review

This book was fantastic. I loved the imagery used throughout the book as it helped me imagine each character more perfectly. Everything flowed really nicely and I loved the build-up. It was very well written and pulled me in right at the start. I got a little confused with so many character names, but the photos and name list helped me get through that. The author did a fantastic job and should be commended for such a standout debut novel. I can't wait to read the next book!

Goodreads Review

Loved this book, it was an easy read. There were many a moment I didn't even notice I was reading, that is what I love in a book.Ie had almost read it in a single day. In some areas, I did notice the book leaned a bit too heavy on the details, we tended to get lost in the image and the time slowed a bit too much for my liking. But in that same way, it often had just the right amount of detail where I could imagine everything like I could smell the scene and yet the story kept flowing. I feel like this writing style isn't for everyone but it is definitly for me.

Goodreads Review

Wow what a pleasant surprise this read was for me! As an indie author from Melbourne, I must admit I wasn't too sure how this book would go, but the biggest take-away I have from this read is that it us written and reads like it belongs with all the major YA books and authors. Three of my favourite authors; Maria V Snyder, Sarah J Maas and Cora Carmack, have such a great writing style that causes you to fly through a book, and Melissa has such talent that her book reads like it has been written by one of those very popular and very talented authors. The editing is fantastic, I think I only found 1 typo in the whole book and usually the most popular books still have a couple that sneak through, but this one was clearly very carefully treated and it shows. The writing is very, very mature and dignified, and comes across like Melissa has gone to university for creative writing, whilst still being relatable and a breeze to read. I found I really enjoyed not being quite sure what was around each corner and that suspense and intrigue is often missing in YA fantasy books. The setting is great and the characters are very well thought through and their stories fleshed out super well. I really enjoyed the character development from the main character, and the different affects she had on each character. The romance was definitely slow-burn which was fun to see how that unfolded, and I love that her sex life isn't something where the main man has to conquer, and her 'purity' not something to be focussed on in a huge way or be a massive plot point. The book was written in such a way that flowed really well with a great pace and there weren't any points where it was boring or felt like 'filler' content in-between the bigger plot points. It was very clear that there would be a second (or maybe more) book and I believe that is almost released within the next month or so, so I'm excited to see what that brings and follow along from that really exciting ending.

Amy Smith
Goodreads Review

Honestly one of my favourite reads! Really did enjoy this as I’m big fan of fantasy novels…love the fact that it has a strong female lead, all strong characters and a great plot so far.

Looking forward to second book..might have to preorder it! Arii and Elijah I’m rooting for them 😄

Goodreads Review

Adored this book. I purchased it from my local bookstore and was super excited to see an Australian author writing a fantasy romance novel. Honestly comparable to Sarah J Maas, Raven Kennedy and Samantha Shannon.
Loved the depth of the characters and the world where everything is set. Once the book kicks off and you’re enveloped in an action packed journey, Melissa continues to deliver! I started reading this slowly, a little bit a day but after the 6th chapter I could barely put it down! I absolutely flew through the rest of it 😂
Highly recommend reading. I’m looking forward to book #2