Review: Bookshops & Bonedust by Travis Baldree

Review: Bookshops & Bonedust by Travis Baldree

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⭐Thank you Pan Macmillan, and Netgalley for generously providing me an eARC in exchange for an honest review.⭐

My Rating: 5 stars!

If you loved Legends & Lattes, then you're going to absolutely inhale this one! This was everything I could have hoped for in a prequel story. The story once again centres around Viv, a battle hungry orc, who sustains an injury and is forced to rest in a seaside town called Murk. There she meets an array of interesting characters, all of which are quirky and well rounded. I absolutely love Travis' writing style, and how he crafts his characters with care. I found myself invested in every single one, and often caught myself grinning at Fern’s hilariously foul mouth and her lovable pet, Potroast. I’m pretty sure I sat giggling over the name for a solid five minutes – so clever.

The looming threat of the necromancer added a sense of danger to the plot, which really balanced the story.

The epilogue was… just perfect. I literally sighed with happiness when I put down my reader.

I can't fault any part of this book; it was wonderful and an absolute delight to read. A heartwarming story that’s perfect for those looking for a cosy fantasy read. 😊

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