Shout Out Page

Here you will find other indie authors, bookstagrammers, stores and artists who help spread the word about The Strings of Fate series. 

All of our art and hard work deserves to be shared. Please check them out and follow their pages!



Dymocks Knox City, Richmond & Prahran have an incredible range of books and support indie authors, and are willing to give them a go. They are super supporters of local talent and their team is a well read, delightful bunch of bookworms!


A Thousand Lives Book Haven is an independently owned Romance Bookstore in the Yarra Valley - the first of it’s kind in Victoria! Headed by the lovely Caitlyn, this is onbe unique bookstore you MUST visit!


Novel Nook beckons bookworms with its curated selection. Step inside and discover towering shelves brimming with stories waiting to be unraveled. From captivating classics to the latest releases, there's a treasure trove for every literary taste. Run by Naomi and her family, you can be sure you'll find your next fave read amoungst their shelves!




Kalynne Pratt (Kalynne_art on Instagram) is the talent behind the incredible commissioned work scattered throughout the Strings of Fate series. Having worked together for about three years now, her ability to capture the essence of each character, to convey their emotions and personalities with such depth and authenticity, is nothing short of extraordinary. Be sure to give her a like and a follow! 

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