About Melissa

Photo of Melissa Kincaid

Melissa J Kincaid is a passionate self-published author based in Melbourne, Australia. With a deep love for fantasy books, puppies, hot chips, and video games. Melissa finds joy in exploring immersive worlds and sharing her creativity with her readers. When she's not lost in the pages of a book, she can be found indulging in TikTok and Instagram or adding to her endless TBR list.

Having a background in graphic design, Melissa showcases her artistic talents by designing her own captivating covers, interiors and illustrations for her books.

Melissa cherishes her time spent with her loving husband, Greg and their son, Elijah Gregory along with Luna and Milly, their beloved dog and cat. Family moments are treasured, especially when Melissa isn't immersed in the world of books.

In 2021, she bravely took the plunge into self-publishing, releasing her debut novel, Love, Blood & Fury, which was followed by Magic, Midnight & Starlight, continuing the series. The journey reaches its breathtaking conclusion with Fire, Fury & Chaos, publishing in 2024.